The Chios Mastiha Association Trademark

These last years, after a series of coordinated efforts on behalf of Chios Mastiha Growers Association combined with the development of mastiha retail selling points (under mastihashop trademark), the Greek market, especially, has been inundated with mastiha-based products of several categories, either food and drink or para-pharmaceutical or beauty and care products. Unfortunately, quite many of those do not contain original mastiha or its derivatives. The mark of authenticity has derived from the Association`s will and need to protect its partners (producers of authentic products), but most of all every consumer of mastiha products. That way, by granting the mark of authenticity following the respect of specific terms and conditions and after carrying out thorough verifications, Chios Mastiha Growers Association informs consumers on – and guarantees for – the quality of Chios Mastiha (PDO) and Mastiha Oil (PDO) contained in the product bearing that mark.

The Association’s mark of authenticity represents a distinctive characteristic (thus a necessary tool for every consumer) against those products that despite what is indicated on their package, do not contain original and guaranteed Chios Mastiha or Mastiha Oil, but simply seek to take advantage of Chios Mastiha’s reputation.

For that reason, Chios Mastiha Growers Association intends to inform consumers periodically on the role of its seal of authenticity, as well as on the network of its Partners, authorized to use the “Mark of Authenticity”.